The Bombe Chest That Started A Blog

Most of my childhood I didn’t have a bedroom.  My bedroom was in the living room.

I had a “hideaway” bed that I pulled out every. single. night.

And folded up every. single. morning.

With FIVE brothers, I can assure you this was not an ideal situation.

When I “became a grown-up”, I was excited to just have a normal bed.  One that doesn’t fold.  One that doesn’t come with seat cushions.  One that doesn’t smell like boy farts.

You know.  Just a normal bed.

I loved having a normal bed.  It was as awesome as I imagined it to be.

But to this day, I wonder why I didn’t put my handy skills to work and make a headboard for my bed.  I guess I was too busy making fish tank stands to hold 175 pounds of salt water and ocean life.

About 8 years ago, The Hubs and I finally made an investment in a bed frame.  Best idea EVER!

Walking into our bedroom and seeing the bed made my heart sing.

What can I say.  I’m a simple girl with simple dreams.

I loved that bed frame to pieces, but when we moved to the new house, we decided to go up to a KING size.  And that style had been discontinued.  Yes.  I wanted to buy the same bed again in the larger size.  I guess that makes me a dork.

If the bed looks familiar, it’s because I put it in the Guest Suite in the new house.

For our new bedroom, I shopped high and low, and kept going back to this beauty:


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Modern Meets Chic Glamour

Have you seen this Dream Home Tour from Apartment Therapy?

I am loving this style so much!  I’m sharing a few of the pics from Apartment Therapy, but there are many more in the tour, so click on over and check it out!

I’ve got decorating on the brain.  OK.  Nothing new there.

I have a too-big bedroom with some great elements and some err….not-so-great elements.  I’m definitely borrowing some ideas from this room.

I’ve been on a traditional streak for about 10+ years, and I’m feeling a little more…glamorous.

So simple: clean lines and warm color.

Check it out.

source: Apartment Therapy

Lovely pillows that would surely annoy my husband but provide tons of entertainment for my kids.

source: Apartment Therapy

I love it when the bath style and color complements the bedroom.  *Love* this wallpaper.

Makes me wanna put paper on something!

source: Apartment Therapy

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