Meet Denise Of Nest & Bloom

Hi!  I’m Denise, a Southern girl landing in Silicon Valley in 1994 in pursuit of opportunities that just couldn’t be found anywhere else.  I came to California with a duffle bag and a dog.

I loved living and working at the hub of high tech innovation: Silicon Valley.  I was a network engineer, that is… the techy person that everyone came to when their internet connection was down, email was down, websites were down, the phones didn’t work…well…you get the idea.

Yea, I know what you’re thinking.  “You don’t look like the IT type!”  I got that all the time. Come in a little closer and I’ll tell you a little secret.  TCP/IP isn’t as complicated as those techy guys want you to think!


When I was not busy troubleshooting network outages, designing new network solutions, and enabling businesses to run on the bleeding edge, I found time to pick up a paint brush, use power tools, change out toilets, install new electrical switches and outlets, new lighting, ceiling fans…you know, pretty much anything in a house, I took it apart and put it back together again.

Denise On A DIY Project

Denise Using A Man Tool - The Central Vacuum

Prettier, of course.

In 2003 I married a city-boy and the vision of our future family was formed.  Now I am wifey to a wonderful man and together we are raising two little girls age 4 and 2.

The Hub spends his days at a desk.

I spend my days in front of the microwave and holdin’ my young’uns.

Denise Holdin' A Young'un And Workin' The Microwave

Denise Holding The Little Young'un

Or our sweet little dog, Lily.

Denise Holding Lily

Landscape & Gardening

My family and I recently moved to a brand-spankin-new-home.  Now we live in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, aka “the east bay”.  Silicon Valley is “the south bay”, which I didn’t hear referred to as “silicon valley” as much until I moved to the east bay.

Go figure.

It’s great that I have a blank slate, but it is overwhelming to go from our nesty home of 10 years to what feels like a barren land of sheetrock, a dry dirt yard and millions of years of weeds.


Our home was built at the site of a former cow pasture.

Our Cow Pasture Garden

Our Cow Pasture Garden - After

Our Cow Pasture Garden During Construction

Our Cow Pasture Garden - After

This is part of the garden I created at our last home.

Hydrangea Garden BEFORE

Lily Is A Great Garden Design Assistant!

Hydrangea Garden

The Not-So-Blue "Endless Summer" Hydrangea Garden

More Landscape and gardening projects can be found here.

Interior Design

I spend at least 1,000 hours every day serving snacks to my hungry young’uns and cleaning up random messes.

While I am making sandwiches, changing diapers, kissing owies, and coloring with crayons I daydream about draperies, paint colors, rugs and vintage furniture.  My pocketbook always has paint swatches and fabric samples.

Just in case.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The CheapSometimes I post about my interior design projects.  You can find those posts here.


I love photography, but I’m not very good at it.

I’ve spent most of the last 4 years with a young’un on my hip.

During that time, I walked around snapping pictures on my iPhone.  Now that my young’uns like to run, jump, skip and climb I have been able to pick up a real camera up again.

The truth is I am a total hack with the camera but I love tryin’.  Practice makes for a lot of pictures on the storage server. perfect.

Denise The Picture Taker

On Top Shot Tuesdays I post my favorite pics.  You can find some of my favorites here.

Good Eats

My family has a big appetite.

I am a wannabe Vegan.

That is, one who eats NO animal products.

In a pinch, if I have to choose between dairy and meat, I’ll have fish.

I have been a wannabe Vegan since 2008.

It’s been a good change for me.

Not So Stuffed Mushrooms - Vegan Style

Not So Stuffed Mushrooms - Vegan Style

Sometimes I like to post Good Eats.  You can find them here.

Cake Art

In 1999 I was inspired by sheep cupcakes I saw in a magazine.  I decided to learn how to do that, and now I enjoy making cute cakes for family and friends.

Little Einsteins CakeI love to share my cake ideas and projects.  You can find them here.

A Random Fact (or two) About Me

I fall alot.

I trip alot.

I always have a minimum of ONE bruise.

Denise With Crutches


Monterey California is one of my favorite places on Earth.

Monterey Bay

How is that for random?

Thank you for reading my blog.

Please don’t trip on the way out.


  1. Oh I love your blog! Had to tell you smooches to the pup! We have 3 malteses! They are such precious companions aren’t they?
    love to you today~

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