A Ribbon Eel Cloud

Many moons ago, I had a reef tank.

Then I had TWO reef tanks.

Then I moved to a new place, and everything was dead the first morning at the new apartment.

Animals that I had kept for many years.

Many purple, blue, and yellow tangs, clowns, anemones, coral, shrimps, tons of snails,  200+ pounds of live rock, and ~100 pounds of live sand.  As well as other animals I have forgotten with the passage of time.

To see all these animals dead–and all at once, was devastating.

After a while I started up one tank again.  I came home one day to the beautiful (new) Blue Tang lying on the floor.  She had jumped out of the tank and died on the floor before I found her.

All the deaths were just too much for me.

I sold 2 100-gallon tanks, a bad ass skimmer, 2 metal halide lamps, and tons of customized plumbing (built by moi!), all to a guy from Tahoe with 10 kids.

When I saw this cloud, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a Ribbon Eel.  I never kept a Ribbon Eel, but I could spot one in a line up with one eye closed.

A Ribbon Eel seems to always have her mouth wide open to the water’s surface.

Clouds that make familiar shapes make me happy.

Someday I will spot marching elephants.  Just like the ones I saw on Sesame Street.

I hope there will be a camera nearby.  Like the day a Ribbon Eel appeared from the clear blue sky.

A Ribbon Eel Cloud


ISO 400

Focal Length 40 mm

Aperture f/11

Shutter Speed 1/800

No Flash

The Cow And The Bird

I couldn’t resist sharing this series of shots I captured with a super duper zoom lens.

Now pay attention.

The birds around here wear camouflage.

Watch the head.

A Cow And A BirdComing in for a landing.

A Cow And A BirdChecking for fleas.

A Cow And A BirdGot one.

A Cow And A BirdNow it’s time to go.

A Cow And A BirdI hope the bird scratched the cow’s itch while she was up there.

The least one could do for this poor pregnant mother.


ISO 400

Focal Length 190mm

Aperture f/10

Shutter Speed 1/500

No Flash


The Dome At Westfield San Francisco Centre

My Top Shot this week is The Dome at Westfield San Francisco Centre.  The shopping is top notch at this mall, and having my camera in tow is always a special treat.

I can’t share this shot without showing you another shot I took several years ago crouching in the same spot (second image).

I have re-shot this picture in my head one million times.  I had many regrets about the composition of the shot from long ago.  So when I knew we were going to this shopping center again, I loaded the camera and thought about this shot the whole trip into the city.

This is the picture from my most recent visit.

The Dome At Westfield San Francisco Centre

And this is the picture I’ve re-shot in my head one million times.

This picture below was shot with my iPhone.

If you’re ever in the city this is definitely worth checking out, even if you’re not in the mood to shop!

The First Shot:


ISO 400

Focal Length 17mm

Aperture f/10

Shutter Speed 1/400

No Flash

The Second Shot:


Jellies At Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey California is no doubt one of my favorite places on Earth.

You can read more about Our Monterey Bay Aquarium Adventure by clicking here.

Today I am sharing my top shot from our visit to the Aquarium.

There’s just something about Jellyfish.

So mysterious.

So calm and peaceful to see yet so dangerous to touch.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Jellyfish

If you’re ever in the area, consider checking out Monterey Bay Aquarium.  It’s not just for kids!


ISO 1600

Focal Length 28mm

Aperture f/3.5

Shutter Speed 1/50

No Flash



The 40-Foot Tall Dancing Lady

The 40-Foot Tall Dancing Woman At Treasure Island, San Francisco

Treasure Island is on our list of spots-to-go for friends and family who want to see the area when they come to visit.

I’ve been to Treasure Island many times before.

When we drove in and I saw this (newly installed) lovely dancing lady, she took my breath away.  I hopped out of the car and snapped 100+ pics.


Yea, I was that excited!

Long story short, I accidentally deleted all but FOUR of the pics.  This just so happens to be one of my favorite shots, but I sure wish I had the luxury of ruthless scrutiny.

You’ll be seeing more of this lovely lady.  I’m going back for a night shot one of these days!

This 40-foot Dancing Lady came from Burning Man.


ISO 800

Focal Length 17mm

Aperture f/14

Shutter Speed 1/800

Canyon Skyline

Shot with my iPhone.

Daddy And Me

Daddy And Me

Daddy And Me.

Canon, 70mm, ISO 100, f/5.6

Meet Your Steak

Shot with my iPhone.

Holdin’ my young’un.