Miss MacGyver Teaches Me How To Sew

When my Big Young’un was just a Baby Young’un, I was talking to my out-of-state cousin on the phone about Motherhood.  The whole Motherhood thing was new to me, and she had 3 under her belt (and they were all still little), so I knew she could relate.

There’s nothing like talking to another mom while she is still in it.

I’m convinced that as soon as our kids start getting bigger, we forget the timeline of baby development.  Perhaps I’ve heard too many stories of babies who could sing the ABC song at 12-months-old.  I’m pretty sure that didn’t really happen, but someone really told me that.

When my own 12-month-old couldn’t even point out an A, a B, or a C.

When Young’un #2 was born, there were a whole lot of times I said to myself, “geez, I forgot all about this part!”  And my girls are only 22 months apart!

S’ok that parents of adult children remember things differently, right?  I’m sure it’s mother nature’s way of ensuring a future generation.

My cousin made a recommendation that would turn out to be some of the best advise I’ve ever been given in my lifetime.  And I thank my lucky stars everyday that I made the effort to do as she suggested.

Her advise?  Sign up for a Gymboree class.

My cousin assured me that I would meet tons of other moms there, in the same boat.  If nothing else, it would be a way for Baby Young’un and me to get out of the house. [Read more...]

Motherhood: 5 Things I Wish I Knew 5 Years Ago

My oldest young’un is gonna be 5-years-old soon (whoa!!!).

Denise Holding The Little Young'un

5 years ago this month (August) I officially left my career.

This time 5 years ago, I was executing a plan 6 months in the making to move a complete data center from one city to another for Nokia.  It was a large project in terms of “this isn’t something companies do every day”.  But a small project in terms of my previous experience and capabilities.

There were lots of suits pacin’ around, wringing their hands and looking for reassurance that there wasn’t a single hiccup (and there wasn’t).  I sat quietly as I always do in front of my Cisco gear typing away until the very last piece of iron was hummin’ and passin’ packets.

My 7-month baby bump barely noticeable.  The only butterflies in my stomach was her dancing to her own rhythm just as she does now.

Denise Pregnant With The Young'un

In a period of 6 hours we (me and a bunch of big muscle-y types) had moved about 15 racks packed with network gear, servers and patch panels from a data center in San Jose to a data center in Mountain View.  OK…the muscle-y guys did most of the heavy lifting while I gave the thumbs up on pulling plugs and moving copper.

via Google Images

I am proud to say it was a very well-orchestrated move and my users were offline for about the amount of time it took to physically drive the equipment from one facility to another.

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Miss MacGyver Pops Corn

Eight weeks into motherhood I met Miss MacGyver.

She had been mothering twice as long and that made her an expert.  We became instant friends and bonded over the joys of post-pregnancy hair loss, never-ending sleepless nights, baby weight, breastfeeding and surviving life after a career.

I have Alexander Graham Bell to thank for our flourishing friendship.  Motherhood is Those early days of motherhood are isolating and lonely with no sleep, nursing around the clock, exhaustion that only a new mother understands and the abrupt absence of work friends.

Miss MacGyver was always a phone call away and I dare say that our young’uns have been raised in the presence of the other mother glued to an ear.

Miss MacGyver can make a dinner for four from two beans and a mushroom.  The Mister never comes home to leftovers.  And I’m sure The Mister thinks I’m certified crazy because every time we all get together I remind him of how great his wife is and how lucky he is to be married to such a wonder woman.

And Miss MacGyver knows how to date kid-style.  Recently my girls and I went to her home for an amazing afternoon play date.  We The young’uns made homemade pizzas and while that was baking, Miss MacGyver pulled watercolors out of her ear for the young’uns to paint a special picture.

Her timing couldn’t have been better.  The last stroke of color was on the paper when the bell rang for the pizza to come out of the oven.  Just as we were setting the watercolor art aside to dry and wiping up the last of the paint, the artists had their hot and steamy pizza art ready to munch.

After lunch, as we cleared away the last of the pizza bites, Miss MacGyver whipped out an entire play-doh set complete with the play-doh factory and mentioned out loud that this was store-bought play-doh (oh, the horror!!!).

For the first time in almost 5 years, play dates are becoming more doable because our youngest kids are getting a little older with more flexible schedules.  But I still cling to the phone for sanity.  After all, who else in my life would still love me after hearing me laugh, cry and sit through my blabbin’ on about all the scary stuff.

All in the same phone call.

Only Miss MacGyver is woman enough to brave this territory!

It was during one of these random afternoon phone chats when some kids were sleeping, some kids were bouncing off the walls, some kids were mesmerized by a movie and some kids were sticking fingers into light sockets that I began hearing a popping sound.  Ummm, Miss MacGyver, what are you doing over there?

“Oh, I’m just popping some corn.  On the stovetop.”

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