The Bombe Chest That Started A Blog

Most of my childhood I didn’t have a bedroom.  My bedroom was in the living room.

I had a “hideaway” bed that I pulled out every. single. night.

And folded up every. single. morning.

With FIVE brothers, I can assure you this was not an ideal situation.

When I “became a grown-up”, I was excited to just have a normal bed.  One that doesn’t fold.  One that doesn’t come with seat cushions.  One that doesn’t smell like boy farts.

You know.  Just a normal bed.

I loved having a normal bed.  It was as awesome as I imagined it to be.

But to this day, I wonder why I didn’t put my handy skills to work and make a headboard for my bed.  I guess I was too busy making fish tank stands to hold 175 pounds of salt water and ocean life.

About 8 years ago, The Hubs and I finally made an investment in a bed frame.  Best idea EVER!

Walking into our bedroom and seeing the bed made my heart sing.

What can I say.  I’m a simple girl with simple dreams.

I loved that bed frame to pieces, but when we moved to the new house, we decided to go up to a KING size.  And that style had been discontinued.  Yes.  I wanted to buy the same bed again in the larger size.  I guess that makes me a dork.

If the bed looks familiar, it’s because I put it in the Guest Suite in the new house.

For our new bedroom, I shopped high and low, and kept going back to this beauty:


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