How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

For years and years and years and years and…

I dreaded taking a fitted sheet off the clothesline or out of the dryer.

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

In the beginning it was the *only* fitted sheet, so it went back on the bed, but after many years, I scrounged up the money to buy a second sheet, and that’s when I began fretting over this fitted sheet business.

Many years later, I got good at making a weird ball of the fitted sheet, and having one “clean edge”, that faced out on the shelf.

But the sheet was always super wrinkly after, and what girl likes wrinkles!?

It would just have to do, cuz I had no idea how to make it better.

Then one day I was watching Martha Stewart.

This was before she went to jail.

I think.

And she had this random tip on how to fold a fitted sheet.

Since that day, my life in the linen closet has never been the same.

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Getting Started Sewing: How To Wind A Bobbin

When I bought my first sewing machine, everything about sewing was totally foreign to me.

I went through the manual step-by-step trying to figure out how to wind a bobbin.  After much frustration, I scoured the internet high and low looking for online tutorials for my machine, the Brother CS6000i.


I know there’s at least one person out there doing what I did…cuz you know…great minds do think alike.


Every machine is slightly different, so grab your manual and follow along.

Today I am going to share how to wind a bobbin on the Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine.

I don’t know how experienced seamstresses or tailors do it, but I am guessing that having a few threaded bobbins lying around ready-to-go keeps a project moving along.

How To Thread Bobbins - Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

When you’re buying bobbins, keep in mind that sizes vary depending on the machine.

It was easy for me to find the size for my machine at the local fabric store, and now I have a pretty decent stash.

Tutorial: How To Wind A Bobbin

Step 1

Load thread on the spool pin.

Use the handy illustrations on the top of the machine to get the thread placement just right.

Winding A Bobbin - Brother CS6000i

Step 2

Wind the thread clockwise around the bobbin 4 or 5 times, then pass the end of the thread through the guide slit in the bobbin winder seat.

Cut the extra thread with the thread cutter.

Winding A Bobbin - Brother CS6000i

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My First Sewing Machine – Brother CS6000i

So my post, Miss MacGyver Teaches Me How To Sew has got you itching to learn how to sew.

This post is for you.

The Brother has been a great intro-plus machine for $151.99 (and free shipping!).

From Amazon’s website, features include:

  • Free-arm computerized sewing machine; with 60 stitch functions, 7 styles of 1-step buttonholes, and variety of snap-on presser feet
  • Computerized stitch selection on LCD screen; with auto threading, tension control dial, and auto-set drop-in bobbin
  • 110-volt machine operated with either foot pedal or 1-touch button for start, stop, and reverse stitching; dual LED light
  • Accessories include wide table accessory for quilting and more; hard cover case protects in storage

Click here to learn more about the Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine.

Sewing Machine - Brother CS6000i

And to read about why 658 people love this machine on Amazon reviews.

Stay tuned for my first tutorial on sewing.

Getting Started: How To Wind A Bobbin.

***Brother is not a sponsor.

How To Grow A Surprise Vegetable Garden

Pay attention, this might get complicated.

Let’s start with some basics.

I care just a little bit about the environment (and animals).

After all…to know me is to understand why I am Vegan (most of the time).

I do what I can.  When I can.

I recycle.

I undercycle.

I upcycle.

I downcycle.

I overcycle.

I even stalk Freecycle.  Every morning.

To know me is to understand the triangle on packaging.  And perhaps more importantly, what it means when there is NO triangle on the packaging.

That being said.  I also *love* gardening.  I don’t think I need to use metaphors here.  If you keep reading my blog you’ll know how much I love gardening the way you know when you’ve gotta pee.  It’ll be that familiar.

I also avoid pesticides and fertilizers the way a Snowman avoids a hot summer day.

Given my (somewhat) Mother Earth style, and my urge to satisfy my inner kumbaya, I decided to start a compost.  That was years ago.  When I was finally ready to pull the trigger and buy a composter, we decided to move so my grand plan for gardener’s gold was put off another 2 years.

As soon as we got settled at the new place, I went out and got a composter.  The Earth Machine, to be exact.

A Surprise Vegetable Garden - Earth Machine

Things were going great.

I was satisfying my crunchy side.

Saving Mother Earth from exploding one bread crumb and compostable plate at a time.

***Side note:  I just have to say how proud I am of my family.  We had 40+ people over for dinner, and this was the entire amount of trash that went to the Landfill!

Signs For Food Waste, Recycle, And Landfill

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Pinterest My Heart

Pinterest, how I love thee?  Let me count the ways…

You have captured my heart and my imagination.

I am no longer bogged down by endless bookmarks, scolling through millions of pages to find that one image that I wanted to remember for the rest of my life.

And I get chill bumps remembering that time so many years ago when a similar phenomenon sucked me into internet abyss for hours on end.

Just like facebook, I have found myself sitting for hours with my pin one click away just looking for things I want to reference at some point in the future.

And until I reach the end of the internet (which at one point *did* seem like a real possibility), I can see a life with pins and boards.

Endless ideas.  Endless images.

Now when I see something totally awesome anywhere on the internet, I can put that image in a special place to look at forever.

My only hope is that the pictures I “repin” give proper credit to the original content creator.

I am gonna predict Pinterest will be big.

Really big.

Facebook big.

Pandora big.

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How To Pick The Juiciest Fruit

Today I was standing in the produce section wearing my wife beater and flip-flops when I hear a lady speaking in the strongest valley accent I have ever heard.  She said, “oh, these look SOOOOOOO like…FUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!”

What the heck could possibly be SOOOOOOO like…FUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN! in the produce section?  Cuz me and the young’uns wanna have fun too!

That’s when I notice she’s dressed to the nines and eye-ballin’ Raspberries.

Meanwhile, in the Orange section, there was a whole lot of sniffing going on by another shopper, and it made me wonder.  How many ways are there to find the best tasting and juiciest fruit?  Probably as many ways as there are fruits.

While valley lady looked for SOOOOOOO like…FUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN! Raspberries.

And the sniffer shopper sniffed out the perfect orange.

I stepped up to the box and began checking the weight-size ratio of each orange.

This method has worked for me so I thought I would share it with you.

How I Pick the Juiciest Fruit:

Looking at these two oranges, they both look very similar.

And they smelled the same to me.

How To Pick The Juiciest Fruit - Orange

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A 5-Day Art Project For Kids

Monday I showed you how I made a A Guest Suite Spa Retreat – On The Cheap.

On Top Shot Tuesday, I shared one of my favorite shots of The 40-Foot Tall Dancing Lady at Treasure Island in San Francisco.

The guest suite was fun to put together.

Seeing the 40-foot tall statue took my breath away.

But the most memorable moments of our vacation is the time I spent with two 5-year-olds and two 3-year-olds making beautiful masterpieces on canvas.

Picasso, eat your heart out.

Art For Kids - Painting

I love watching little hands hold a paint brush, dabbing the tip in a bowl of paint then squishing it down flat onto canvas.

Art For Kids - Painting

Gears are turning and fingers are moving as one to make circles, squares, lines, dots, squiggleys and splatters.

Art For Kids - Painting

While planning the one-week vacation, I came up with this idea to have a paint project that we would work on a little each day until the final day, when we would complete our paintings, and everyone would have something special to remember our time together.

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How To Clean Windows In 30 Minutes

Last time I cleaned my windows, it was an ugly sight.

Cleaning those 19 windows was a 2 day ordeal.  Removing screens, hauling a heavy ladder around, rub on-rub off…my back hurt for days!

I never cleaned windows again.

That was about 8 years ago.

Then A few weeks ago, I was talking with a friend, asking her about her day and such.

She told me she had cleaned her windows earlier that day.

I did a double-take.

She didn’t look frazzled, dirty or tired.  And she wasn’t still cleaning!

In fact, she had the same calm refreshed look she always has.

“Oh yea, I just used outdoor Windex cleaner.”

My window’s fate was sealed in that one comment.

I knew on that day I would be gettin’ some of that stuff and squirtin’ my windows with it too!

Windex Outdoor Window Cleaner

I searched high and low at Target and a few other places, but I knew for sure I would find it at Lowe’s so I made a special trip.

One bottle is $8.29.  I was thinking I would need a ton of it so I got 6 bottles.

I’ve got a lot of windows…

Turns out I only needed 2 bottles.  I did the curb-side windows as well.

2nd story windows just a little hard to reach?

Not with this cleaner!

Obviously, make sure you do the 2nd story windows first.

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Miss MacGyver Pops Corn

Eight weeks into motherhood I met Miss MacGyver.

She had been mothering twice as long and that made her an expert.  We became instant friends and bonded over the joys of post-pregnancy hair loss, never-ending sleepless nights, baby weight, breastfeeding and surviving life after a career.

I have Alexander Graham Bell to thank for our flourishing friendship.  Motherhood is Those early days of motherhood are isolating and lonely with no sleep, nursing around the clock, exhaustion that only a new mother understands and the abrupt absence of work friends.

Miss MacGyver was always a phone call away and I dare say that our young’uns have been raised in the presence of the other mother glued to an ear.

Miss MacGyver can make a dinner for four from two beans and a mushroom.  The Mister never comes home to leftovers.  And I’m sure The Mister thinks I’m certified crazy because every time we all get together I remind him of how great his wife is and how lucky he is to be married to such a wonder woman.

And Miss MacGyver knows how to date kid-style.  Recently my girls and I went to her home for an amazing afternoon play date.  We The young’uns made homemade pizzas and while that was baking, Miss MacGyver pulled watercolors out of her ear for the young’uns to paint a special picture.

Her timing couldn’t have been better.  The last stroke of color was on the paper when the bell rang for the pizza to come out of the oven.  Just as we were setting the watercolor art aside to dry and wiping up the last of the paint, the artists had their hot and steamy pizza art ready to munch.

After lunch, as we cleared away the last of the pizza bites, Miss MacGyver whipped out an entire play-doh set complete with the play-doh factory and mentioned out loud that this was store-bought play-doh (oh, the horror!!!).

For the first time in almost 5 years, play dates are becoming more doable because our youngest kids are getting a little older with more flexible schedules.  But I still cling to the phone for sanity.  After all, who else in my life would still love me after hearing me laugh, cry and sit through my blabbin’ on about all the scary stuff.

All in the same phone call.

Only Miss MacGyver is woman enough to brave this territory!

It was during one of these random afternoon phone chats when some kids were sleeping, some kids were bouncing off the walls, some kids were mesmerized by a movie and some kids were sticking fingers into light sockets that I began hearing a popping sound.  Ummm, Miss MacGyver, what are you doing over there?

“Oh, I’m just popping some corn.  On the stovetop.”

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Not So Stuffed Mushrooms – Vegan Style

A while back I saw a recipe for Stuffed Mushrooms in a Vegan cookbook.  Yesterday I found myself at the market, without a clue on what to cook for dinner.  I saw Stuffer Mushrooms, and decided I would wing it without a recipe or an ingredient list.

This is way out of my comfort zone.  I usually consult books, the internet, and even read all reviews of recipes before I commit to making something.  And sometimes it is still a huge disappointment!

At the supermarket, I started thinking about ingredients for Stuffed Bell Peppers, and thought that reversing the ingredients might be a safe bet.  When I realized I could serve with Panko Crumbs, I was sold (yes, I am still lovin’ Panko Crumbs!).

Beyond that, I didn’t have a plan.  To make things more interesting, we were having company over for dinner!  I’ve had enough dish flops in my day to know that this is a bad combo.

There’s been LOTS of times I’ve tossed food in the trash and we went out to eat :-( but I sure didn’t want to do that with our guests!

Here’s the dish on my Not So Stuffed Mushrooms.

Not So Stuffed Mushrooms - Vegan Style

How long it takes

About 1 hour.

Here’s the breakdown:

5-10 minutes to prep/chop veggies

20-30 minutes to sauté veggies

20 minutes to bake Stuffed Mushrooms

2 minutes to sprinkle Panko Crumbs on top

20 SECONDS to brown Panko Crumbs


(2) Green Bell Peppers

(2) Yellow or White Onion

(2) 14-ounce containers of Stuffer Mushrooms

(1) Can Aduki Beans – Only using 1/2 the can (The same beans used in the Chinese desert “Red Bean”)

Basil, Parsley, Italian Herbs, Garlic (packaged herbs for this one)

Salt & Pepper

Panko Crumbs

Dried Italian Seasoning

Garlic Powder

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