How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

For years and years and years and years and…

I dreaded taking a fitted sheet off the clothesline or out of the dryer.

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

In the beginning it was the *only* fitted sheet, so it went back on the bed, but after many years, I scrounged up the money to buy a second sheet, and that’s when I began fretting over this fitted sheet business.

Many years later, I got good at making a weird ball of the fitted sheet, and having one “clean edge”, that faced out on the shelf.

But the sheet was always super wrinkly after, and what girl likes wrinkles!?

It would just have to do, cuz I had no idea how to make it better.

Then one day I was watching Martha Stewart.

This was before she went to jail.

I think.

And she had this random tip on how to fold a fitted sheet.

Since that day, my life in the linen closet has never been the same.

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How To Clean Windows In 30 Minutes

Last time I cleaned my windows, it was an ugly sight.

Cleaning those 19 windows was a 2 day ordeal.  Removing screens, hauling a heavy ladder around, rub on-rub off…my back hurt for days!

I never cleaned windows again.

That was about 8 years ago.

Then A few weeks ago, I was talking with a friend, asking her about her day and such.

She told me she had cleaned her windows earlier that day.

I did a double-take.

She didn’t look frazzled, dirty or tired.  And she wasn’t still cleaning!

In fact, she had the same calm refreshed look she always has.

“Oh yea, I just used outdoor Windex cleaner.”

My window’s fate was sealed in that one comment.

I knew on that day I would be gettin’ some of that stuff and squirtin’ my windows with it too!

Windex Outdoor Window Cleaner

I searched high and low at Target and a few other places, but I knew for sure I would find it at Lowe’s so I made a special trip.

One bottle is $8.29.  I was thinking I would need a ton of it so I got 6 bottles.

I’ve got a lot of windows…

Turns out I only needed 2 bottles.  I did the curb-side windows as well.

2nd story windows just a little hard to reach?

Not with this cleaner!

Obviously, make sure you do the 2nd story windows first.

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Home Keeping – Week End Wrap-Up

No fancy (completed) DIY projects for me to share at the moment. Just a whole lotta keeping up the home is what is happening in these parts.

Before you judge my dirty home. Let it be  known…ummm…nevermind.  Go ahead and judge.  S’ok.  I’ll still love you.

Here’s the deal.  Everyday I look into two little faces and hear tick-tock-tick-tock and I realize time is just passin’ us by and I better seize the moments.  The days are L-O-N-G, but the weeks are short and the years are even shorter.  Really, how does that happen?

I am practicing slowing down and seeing the world from the perspective of a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old. They don’t seem to notice a dirty kitchen or a mountain of laundry until they are out of pink socks.

So.  I have decided I’ll work on the stench of dirty laundry and wash those crusty dishes when my kids are grown-ups. go to bed.

Remember earlier this week, when I posted about family time at Blackhawk?

While we were out livin’ it up, enjoying the beautiful weather and watching ducks, there was a messy situation brewing at home.

This is the playroom from my iphone’s perspective.

I gotta clear the memory card on the “real camera” cuz this is just plain awful!


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