Cake, Card And A Candle Tradition

Yesterday started out like a normal day.

By the time I realized I was awake, I was standing in Target with bed-head and a holey Roll Tide t-shirt trying to decide between the gray and white lampshades.

Lamps At Target

The earbuds were blasting Katy Perry directly to my brain.

Next thing I know, I’m sitting at our friend’s house having brunch.

I should listen to Katy Perry more often.

My friend is the gourmet chef type.  Food is always delicious and presentation is outstanding.  I knew this before yesterday, so why the heck did I leave my camera at home?

Maybe I shouldn’t listen to Katy Perry more often.

Check out this brunch-a-munch.


It tasted as good as it looks.

The only thing missing from this picture is the Canon.

After brunch we head back to our home on a ranch.

Where pregnant heifers stand in 100 degree heat thinking about a big glass of ice water.

And not being pregnant in 100 degree heat.

Pregnant Heifers

It may be a well known fact that I spend at least 5 hours every day taking a deep breath in search of patience I thought I had. 5 minutes of each day being grateful for living.   [Read more...]

Little Einsteins Birthday Cake

Today I’m gonna show you this cake I made a while back.

But before we look at the cake, there’s something we need to talk about.

The life of a blogger is different from normal living.

In normal life, when a glass of water spills, we grab a towel to clean it up.

A blogger sees this as a posting opportunity and reaches for the camera.

On this cake I spent a million hours figuring out this-and-that without picking up the camera.

Now I’m a blogger and I think like one.


All future cool cakes will be well documented for your tutorial pleasure.


The characters in front of the cake are the actual characters that sit inside the toy version of “Rocket”.

Little Einsteins Cake

For the bottom part of Rocket “the belly”, I baked a cake using a football pan to get the pointy-oval shape with just a little roundness underneath.

Little Einsteins Cake

The “cabin” and the “engines” are made from rice crispy treats.

There was a LOT of carving work on both the football cake and the rice crispy treats to get the shape I wanted.

The red body color of Rocket is regular icing, and the blue parts are made from fondant.

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An Elmo Birthday

When I made this cake, I did not have a blog and never dreamed of posting these pictures anywhere.

If I could go back in time, I would have taken pictures of every step.  A picture is worth 550 words, you know?

Since I did not take pictures of every step, I will use 550 words to describe the process.

I made this cake for my daughter’s 1 year-old birthday party.

Her name (made with tip 2 blue buttercream) is blurred out on the sign for privacy.

An Elmo Birthday

The cake design is from a Wilton Yearbook.

If you follow the directions exactly from the book this is what you’ll get.

Broken Elmo

An Elmo Tiered Birthday Cake

Here’s how I made this cake:


2 tier cake, bottom layer 14 inch, top layer 12 inch.

This cake serves ~120 people, but I only needed ~70 slices, so I made the 12 inch layer using styrofoam rounds instead of cake, and covered the rounds with fondant.  You can find these rounds at Michael’s.

The bottom tier that I served was iced with buttercream instead of fondant, because I don’t care much for the taste of fondant.

Outside of America, fondant is used to preserve the freshness of cake.

Only in America do we eat fondant!  Everything that is edible should not be eaten.

Yellow Triangles Surrounding Elmo

The curved yellow pieces are made from fondant.  I cut the triangles from rolled fondant, then laid them on a round surface to dry.

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