The Bombe Chest That Started A Blog

Most of my childhood I didn’t have a bedroom.  My bedroom was in the living room.

I had a “hideaway” bed that I pulled out every. single. night.

And folded up every. single. morning.

With FIVE brothers, I can assure you this was not an ideal situation.

When I “became a grown-up”, I was excited to just have a normal bed.  One that doesn’t fold.  One that doesn’t come with seat cushions.  One that doesn’t smell like boy farts.

You know.  Just a normal bed.

I loved having a normal bed.  It was as awesome as I imagined it to be.

But to this day, I wonder why I didn’t put my handy skills to work and make a headboard for my bed.  I guess I was too busy making fish tank stands to hold 175 pounds of salt water and ocean life.

About 8 years ago, The Hubs and I finally made an investment in a bed frame.  Best idea EVER!

Walking into our bedroom and seeing the bed made my heart sing.

What can I say.  I’m a simple girl with simple dreams.

I loved that bed frame to pieces, but when we moved to the new house, we decided to go up to a KING size.  And that style had been discontinued.  Yes.  I wanted to buy the same bed again in the larger size.  I guess that makes me a dork.

If the bed looks familiar, it’s because I put it in the Guest Suite in the new house.

For our new bedroom, I shopped high and low, and kept going back to this beauty:


And now that it is here

I have turned my attention to what needs to sit next to it.

I’m going for a Modern Glamour feel, with a little something quirky.

Cuz I heart quirky.

This chest is just the right amount of quirky different.


I keep going back to the idea that the finish is just different enough to not be matchy-matchy, but still uses the same color palette as the bed with the yellow and orange undertones.

And check out the hardware.


The quality of the pictures is just…meh…but you have to know the back story to understand why.I never thought for 2 seconds that I would be “publishing” these pics anywhere.  I didn’t even think The Hubs would ever see them.

I took these pictures because I have this determined spirit to make my surroundings live up to their best potential.  But sometimes I run into a little snag along the way.

Like this:

And that was the “sale” price.

I know most people wouldn’t bat an eye at this tag.  And knowing what I do about furniture, it is a pretty decent price for the piece.

But if I can bring something back to life for a tiny fraction of the cost, why not!?

I didn’t tell my friendly sales lady that.  I just snapped a ton of pictures and walked out of there determined to recreate this look.

The Hubs is a very reasonable man, and often kills my ideas with his logic.  Like the point that I will spend another 6-9 months finding the perfect piece, and then when I do find it, getting this look probably won’t ever happen.  To his credit, he didn’t bother this time.  I think he heard the fire roaring in my belly and decided to leave it alone.  He’s a smart guy like that.

I came home from the showroom that day and immediately hopped on my computer, looking for anything remotely similar to this chest, and how the heck do I recreate it.  For less.

That is precisely the moment I discovered this world of DIY bloggers, and the more I read, the more I was inspired to start my own blog.  Cuz this sort of thing is right up my alley!

So if you and I met because of my blog, we have this Bombe Chest to thank for our meeting.

Reader meet Bombe…

Bombe meet Reader.

Thank you Bombe and tons of bloggers for inspiring me to start a blog.

Thank you Reader for sharing my journey with me.


Now that you have all this back story, I am excited to share the “what happened next”.

I DID find a specimen that fit my budget

And I just love the word “Sale”, which closed the deal on this piece at 25% off.  Which brought my out-the-door cost to $45.

She’s really sweet.  Like a dog that humans gave up on and sent her to the pound.  She’s got about 50 years of layers of inappropriate chemicals and colors.  Someone took a hot iron to her, and probably a screw driver.  She’s got huge gouges on her face, and burn marks that brought tears to my eyes.

Right now she’s in my garage waiting patiently for me to make her whole again.

She’s almost ready to tell her story.  And I can’t wait for you to see!

As for that Bombe Chest, I think I’m gonna call that friendly sales lady and ask her when the sale will be back on, and I’m gonna get it.  Since I need TWO nightstands.

Editor Note: As for The Hubs and his (fuzzy) logic.  Tonight just as I was putting the final touches on this post, The Hubs took one look at my Thrift store find, then looked at the mess I have made in the garage, and said, “how much would a new dresser have cost?”

I love you, Dream Squasher.


  1. Ha! Great story…here’s hoping you thrift find turns out just how you want it to, AND you get that gorgeous piece.

    • Denise says:

      Thank you! Congrats on 100! That’s AWESOME, and must taste super sweet. :-)

      My blog just turned 40 on facebook, and I never thought I’d see that!

  2. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait to see it! Your daughter’s lady bug dresser turned out so well!

  3. Vicky says:

    You are a super woman so I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  4. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Darn money, getting in the way of our wishes!

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