Miss MacGyver Teaches Me How To Sew

When my Big Young’un was just a Baby Young’un, I was talking to my out-of-state cousin on the phone about Motherhood.  The whole Motherhood thing was new to me, and she had 3 under her belt (and they were all still little), so I knew she could relate.

There’s nothing like talking to another mom while she is still in it.

I’m convinced that as soon as our kids start getting bigger, we forget the timeline of baby development.  Perhaps I’ve heard too many stories of babies who could sing the ABC song at 12-months-old.  I’m pretty sure that didn’t really happen, but someone really told me that.

When my own 12-month-old couldn’t even point out an A, a B, or a C.

When Young’un #2 was born, there were a whole lot of times I said to myself, “geez, I forgot all about this part!”  And my girls are only 22 months apart!

S’ok that parents of adult children remember things differently, right?  I’m sure it’s mother nature’s way of ensuring a future generation.

My cousin made a recommendation that would turn out to be some of the best advise I’ve ever been given in my lifetime.  And I thank my lucky stars everyday that I made the effort to do as she suggested.

Her advise?  Sign up for a Gymboree class.

My cousin assured me that I would meet tons of other moms there, in the same boat.  If nothing else, it would be a way for Baby Young’un and me to get out of the house.

Baby Young’un was 8-weeks-old.  Just a teeny tiny baby.  I didn’t have no business sittin’ on a padded floor singing songs, and waving scarves over Baby Young’un’s head.

Denise Holding The Little Young'un

At that age, why don’t they just serve cookies and tea and call it what it is?  A way for us lonely first-time mothers to get the heck outta the house and listen to grown-up conversation.

Remember Miss MacGyver from Miss MacGyver Pops Corn?

Little Hands Eat PopcornThat’s right!  I met Miss MacGyver at Gymboree when our babies were…well…just babies!  Her baby was ~20-weeks old, which meant Miss MacGyver had been at it a little over twice as long as me.  That made her an expert on everything happening to me, cuz she’d just been through it.

The timing couldn’t have been better.  When I met Miss MacGyver, I had spent SEVEN YEARS mourning the death of my best friend.  Who was also my sister-in-law.

I was finally ready.

4 1/2 years later, my friendship with Miss MacGyver has become my Mommy lifeline.  We share in all the happy moments, the fun moments, the exciting moments, and the dreadful moments.

Mothering together.

Our own little village when the Dads are off working hard to support our families.

Yea, I might be bragging just a little.

But hey!  How many people can say they have a friend like this?

One who would never gossip behind her back, and always support her no matter what.

One who would have the perfect words for every occasion to cheer her up, build her up, talk her off a ledge, or just call to say hi–leaving a 5-minute voice mail (which sometimes involves singing) that makes her chuckle and giggle?

Yea, that’s the kind of friend I’ve got.

I would suggest you rush to Gymboree as fast as you can and get yourself a Miss MacGyver in your life, but I don’t think there’s another one out there!

For a while now, I have been whinin’ about my lifelong dream of learning how to sew.

I have wanted to learn how to sew ever since my Grandma taught me how to thread a needle at 5-years-old.

3 (or 4?) years ago, I finally bought a sewing machine, but it turns out that having a machine in a box in the closet didn’t teach me anything about sewing.

Sewing Machine - Brother CS-6000iI’ve brought this up so many times to Miss MacGyver, and some other people in my life who are expert seamstresses and tailors.  But this time, Miss MacGyver said, “Why don’t I teach you how to sew?”

We set a date for our Sewing Party.  I was to bring my Brother, all of Brother’s stuff, as well as fabrics to make a pillow case.

I think my teacher overestimated her student’s abilities, cuz I was completely confused before we even started.  I couldn’t even figure out what the heck is Cotton Poplin.

I finally settled on something that was labeled “Cotton”, and hoped for the best on the Poplin part.

I never did figure out that whole Cotton Poplin thing, but I had the best time, sitting with my Brother at my sister’s kitchen table, learning how to read a pattern, cut a pattern, thread a needle, make stitches, button holes and sew a button.

At the end of the evening, I packed up my new pillow case and my button hole complete with a button. My brain was jam-packed with new knowledge like selvage, seam allowances, fusible interfacing, and back stitching.

And my heart felt full from the generosity and kindness of my friend.

My First Sewing Project Is Complete!

Teaser: there's another room tour coming soon!

Before Miss MacGyver taught me how to sew, she taught me how to love again, trust again, and to be a friend again.

Many, many, many thanks to you, Miss MacGyver for teaching me a skill I’ve wanted to learn since I was 5, and being the sister I’ve wanted since I was 5.

Love you bunches!

Stay tuned for some tutorials on sewing.

I still don’t know exactly what Cotton Poplin is, but I do know how to sew.

Just in case you have a sewing machine stashed in your closet that you don’t know how to use.


  1. Erika says:

    XOXO – have you been burning up that sewing machine or what?

  2. What a heartwarming story! You are very fortunate to have a Miss MacGyver in your life. And, I loved Gymboree!!! Great job on the pillowcase. I am so looking forward to getting my machine out again once the basement is completed and I have a space.


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