Roaming With Dinosaurs – Birthday Party

My family and I had a great time at a birthday party recently.

Mom and Dad did a fantastic job putting together a dinosaur theme birthday party for their little girl turning 4-years-old.

The birthday girl is one of the sweetest little girls I have ever met and we enjoyed being there for her big day.  FOUR YEARS OLD is a big deal cuz FOUR is pretty old, you know!

Just ask a 4-year-old.

They’ll tell you!

Here’s a tour of our afternoon roaming with dinosaurs.

Every dinosaur hunter must first have a hat.

Dinosaur Hunting Hat

And every dinosaur hunter needs binoculars.

Decorate Your BinocularsNow we’re ready!

Dinosaur Hunting BinocularsOur first sighting!

A Green DinosaurWhoa, get. a. room!

Dinosaurs CensoredLet’s go outside, young’uns!

And jump!


Can’t we all just get along?Dinosaur FightYoung archaeologists at work.

The Dig SiteMeanwhile, inside, there’s a dinosaur wranglin’ happenin’!

Dinosaur Wranglin'And a whole lotta sweet stuff.

Check out these *adorable* cupcakes!  LOVE!

And if cupcakes ain’t your thang, try some of these

Just watch out for the dinosaur poop eggs.

Dinosaur EggsThat was FUN!

Yellow And Orange Dinosaur Cookie And Dinosaur ToyThank you for having us!

Blue And Green Dinosaur CookieAnd Happy Birthday to the sweet little girl who just turned FOUR!

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