Little Einsteins Birthday Cake

Today I’m gonna show you this cake I made a while back.

But before we look at the cake, there’s something we need to talk about.

The life of a blogger is different from normal living.

In normal life, when a glass of water spills, we grab a towel to clean it up.

A blogger sees this as a posting opportunity and reaches for the camera.

On this cake I spent a million hours figuring out this-and-that without picking up the camera.

Now I’m a blogger and I think like one.


All future cool cakes will be well documented for your tutorial pleasure.


The characters in front of the cake are the actual characters that sit inside the toy version of “Rocket”.

Little Einsteins Cake

For the bottom part of Rocket “the belly”, I baked a cake using a football pan to get the pointy-oval shape with just a little roundness underneath.

Little Einsteins Cake

The “cabin” and the “engines” are made from rice crispy treats.

There was a LOT of carving work on both the football cake and the rice crispy treats to get the shape I wanted.

The red body color of Rocket is regular icing, and the blue parts are made from fondant.

The “fins” on top of the engines are cardboard–the only part of the cake that is not edible.

I was going to use crackers, but at the last minute decided crackers would look too thick.

Gumpaste would have been ideal, but by then it was too late to make gumpaste parts, so I went with cardboard.

The antenna and the round center part of the engines is candy.

Tip 12 for the clouds.

Little Einsteins Cake Cabin And Engines

Silver food color “paint” on marsh mellows for the headlights with small pieces of gold foil for the lens part of the headlights.

Little Einsteins Cake

This cake served ~65 people.  Not including Rocket.


  1. Roxanne Parris says:

    You are so talented…Love all your ideas!

  2. amy says:

    My kids would DIE! …and I LOVE your dropping water analogy – so true!

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