Home Tour – Curbside, Kitchen, And Study

Welcome to my home.

Actually, we don’t live at this home anymore, but I still get butterflies in my belly when I see these pictures and my heart goes pitter-patter whenever something at my new home reminds me of this place.

I have a certain affection for some places I’ve lived.  The apartment that Yoda and I lived in for 5 years after moving to California is up there, but at the top of the list, no doubt, is this place.

Together with The Hub, we put 10 years of blood, sweat, and tears into this home.  We made lots of great memories here.

This is where we lived when we were married.  We lived here with Yoda (and Lily).  We started our family in this home.  Heck, I even gave birth in this house with my Little Young’un!  Not to mention first steps, first words, first…well, basically all the firsts happened here.

We love our new home, and I’ll be posting a tour of it sometime soon, but I don’t think any home will ever have the special place in my heart that this home has.

Can one be in love with a house?  A pile of sheetrock, 2×4′s, thousands of wood planks, and composite roof shingles?  With enough Macaroni paint and used brick…the answer is YES.

This first picture is the day we found this home.

Aren’t those clouds cool!?

Our Home At First Sight

We changed out the windows, added window molding inside and out, and painted the home inside and out before we moved in.

Yes, this was BEFORE kids!

New Windows

This Callery Pear Tree puts on a show every Fall.


Callery Pear Tree In Fall Color

And again in the Spring.

Callery Pear Tree In Spring Bloom

And I still drive down to the South Bay to see the show.

The young’uns and I sat on this stoop almost every afternoon around 4pm.

It was a nice cool spot to watch the leaves dance in the breeze and see the world go by.

And before long, Daddy would be home!

Afternoons On The Front Stoop

This was our home 10 years later.

We had painted the exterior TWICE.

Installed a new roof.  Complete with two fully operable skylights.

Installed a new driveway, walkway, and stoop.

Planted new sod, replaced the tired shrubbery with a row of Indian Hawthornes, planted a Japanese Maple, Iceberg Roses, and pretty Impatients.

And I painted that door a lovely shade of dark blue.  Kicking myself now for never getting a better picture of the door.

Going on memory, I believe the exterior home colors are:

Body: Benjamin Moore, Brandon Beige, CC-530

Trim: {I do not recall.  I’ll find out and update here}

Door: Benjamin Moore, Kensington Blue, CC-780

Now let’s have a look inside.

Here’s what the house looked like the day we saw it for sale at the open house.

I was itching to get my paint brush out as soon as I walked in.

***WARNING: If you are the type who believes that painting stain-grade wood is a sin, you should close this window and never return to this post.  Cuz this stain-grade wood is about to be violated!


Kitchen After


Kitchen After

I never understood why the previous owner didn’t take this computer and monitor off the kitchen counter before putting the home on the market.

10 years later.

The previous owners used this as a little breakfast nook off the kitchen.

We used it as a breakfast nook, a small den, a telecommuting office, and a playroom.

To stage the home, I turned this space into a small study.

The Remodel

All that remodeling was a little bit inconvenient.

We did as much as we could prior to moving out.

We painted the interior cabinets because I thought it would be weird to have white cabinetry then open the door to dark brown interiors.

Plus we knew some of the doors would have glass fronts, and I thought it would look better to have all the interior cabinets be the same.

So we painted.

And painted.

And painted.

Then the cabinetry was refaced.

If I had it to do over again I would have kept that paint brush handy and just painted the exterior cabinets and doors.

Next time.

And if you’re looking for a referral for a cabinet refacer, there’s no way I would EVER recommend {that very well-known cabinet refacing company}.  I had a terrible experience with them.

In spite of our headaches with {that very well-known cabinet refacing company}, the projects were moving along.

Then the unexpected happened.

Image via Google

When I found these suckers crawling all over the place, I had a hissy fit.

And no body was home to see it.

The hissy fit, I mean.

This is when I bought a Sawzall (Reciprocating Saw).

Image via Google

And learned how to use it.

FYI – This is not my hairy arm.  The Hub was at work when I did all the dirty work so no pics were taken.  The Hub is usually the photographer and I’m the worker.

As soon as we got the cabinet refacing fools out of our house, we moved the entire contents of our home to a PODS so the flooring work could continue.

Yes, that IS our dishwasher sitting haphazardly on top of who-knows-what.

The Hubs and I moved to the garage.

That’s where we lived with Yoda and Lily for 3 1/2 months.

Living In The Garage

We originally expected the projects to last 2-3 weeks.  4 at the most.

But we weren’t expecting to find termites.

We finally hired “professionals” to come in and fix the termite damage.

Then I became overwhelmed and exhausted from this never ending project scope creep happened.

And I started making really bad decisions.

Like this.

Notice the new can lights that replaced the overhead fluorescents?

There was a problem that drove me absolutely batty.

Do you see it?

The reason those two cans are 3 INCHES off center of the cabinets is because there is a joist in both locations.



To this day, this light project goes down in history as the biggest waste of money on a remodeling project.  EVER.

There are a lot of other things we would have done differently remodeling this home.  At the time The Hub and I planned to raise young’uns in this house and retire to old gizzards (not geezers) in this home.

But still.  3 inches for two lights?  Somebody should have told me to get over myself already.

Moving on…Now that you’ve seen her in all her glory.

Kitchen After

And all the work that went into making her so glorious.

Denise On A DIY Project

Perhaps you can understand why seeing this:

Still makes my heart drop just a little.

We weren’t on the market long.

We had 15 offers on the Monday following the Open House weekend, and we sold well above the asking price.

I know the Hub and I agreed to sell, and overall the move was good for us.

But this home will always have a very special place in my heart.

I love you, pile of sheetrock, 2×4′s, thousands of wood planks, composite roof shingles, Macaroni paint and used brick.

And I’ll be driving by just after first frost to see the show.

Until we meet again…

Stay tuned for more of my Home Tours coming soon!



  1. Ellie says:

    I completely get attached to homes too! I’m still trying to get over my 1-bedroom condo that I had before I married, moved across the country and had 3 kids. Your house sure looked great before you had to put it on the market!

  2. Wow…you two sure put a lot into that home. I can see why it would be hard to leave it. Can’t wait to see the new place.

  3. Stacy says:

    I dread ever moving from here for the same reason. I do love my house :) Your home was gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the new one!

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