Home Tour – A Ladybug Bedroom

Hello friends.

I am so excited to finally show you my little young’un’s Ladybug bedroom makeover.

A Ladybug Bedroom

A Ladybug Bedroom

It’s been a long time coming, mostly because I’m a little concerned about chemicals.

Respirator For Painting

OK, maybe a lot concerned about chemicals.

Reasonably so, of course!

It’s been several months since most of these furniture pieces were painted so the VOC’s have evaporated.

By the way, I highly recommend this respirator.  Whether you want to filter out nasty chemicals or you just don’t wanna smell the dog’s toots.

It works!

Let’s have a look at what the room looked like before.

A Ladybug Bedroom BEFORE

A Ladybug Bedroom BEFORE

My little young’un wants to be exactly like her big sis.  She even *says* she likes pink cuz sister hearts pink.  Deep down, she’s not as crazy about pink.

She hasn’t said that.  But I’m her mother.  We have breathed the same air every day of her entire 2.5 years.  So I just know these things.

When it came time for window treatments, I knew it had to be something other than pink.

I chose these feminine but not pink roll-up style valances.  Warm peach and red, for the record.

A Ladybug Bedroom - French Toile Valance

Have a closer look at the valance “before”.

A Ladybug Bedroom - French Toile ValancesThere was a cute swag between the ties.  I loved the look, but the valances were impossible to dress with the crease down the middle of the roll.  So I used toilet paper and paper towel inserts to hold a round shape.

I loved this fabric from the second I saw the 3 inch swatch but I was stumped for a while on how I would decorate the room with these valances.  After all, I hadn’t visualized the finished room when I put these two fabric swatches together, I just knew I’d figure something out.

For a few months after that I hated myself for making such a cavalier decision.  Have any idea how hard it is to find children’s stuff in red and warm peach!?

Or even just red!

I even considered taking these valances down and replacing them with something pink.  It would have been much easier that way.

Then my little young’un got this super adorable ladybug pillow for Christmas.

A Ladybug Bedroom - Ladybug PillowThank you friend-who-shall-remain-anonymous!  You just inspired an entire room décor!

As soon as I saw this ladybug pillow, I envisioned ladybugs crawling throughout the room with the leaf and limb design of the valances.

My little young’un is like most 2-year-old young’uns.  She *loves* ladybugs.

Since this French Toile is so obviously French, I chose to add a chest with French-style curves.

A Ladybug Bedroom - French Style Chest

How To Makeover A French Style Chest For A Ladybug Bedroom

This chest didn’t start out so darn cute.

No-sir-ree it did not.

A Ladybug Bedroom - French ChestHere’s what I did to the chest to make it so purdy.

Since my contract was no where close to being up on my iPhone, I only snapped one quick pic of this very messy job.

First, I sprayed primer on the entire chest and drawers.

I waited patiently for one million years on the primer to dry.  It was a long one million years.

Then I spray painted the chest in Black Semi-Gloss.

A Ladybug Bedroom - French Chest

I started thinking that I could make the chest feel more little girlish by changing out the knobs.

This was my first choice.

Ladybug knobs

Ummm.  Until I saw the price!  Yea, that is for ONE knob!

Determined to not spend a fortune on KNOBS, I scoured the earth for anything ladybug.

At Joann’s, I found some ladybug buttons.  I also picked up some black, red, and white paint.  Just in case it came to that.

Then I realized I I’m just too lazy don’t have the time to turn blue knobs into ladybugs.

I found flat knobs at Target.

A Ladybug Bedroom - How To Make Ladybug Knobs

Popped the loops off the back of the buttons with pliers.

A Ladybug Bedroom - How To Make Ladybug Dresser Knobs

And hot glued the buttons to the knobs.

A Ladybug Bedroom - How To Make Ladybug Dresser Knobs

A Ladybug Bedroom - French Style Chest

The Not So French Style Bed Makeover

The bed was part of a bunk set we bought at Ikea a couple years ago.

So obviously NOT French style but it’ll have to do for now.

Here’s what I used to roll the paint on the bed.

Paint Supplies To Paint French Style Chest

For this job, I took over The Hub’s man cave for about 100 months.

First I rolled primer.

A Ladybug Bedroom - Rolled Primer on Bed

Then I painted it black to tie in with the chest.

A Ladybug Bedroom - Paint Bed BlackI might note, not a single speck of paint left behind in the man cave.  I am shocked.

A Ladybug Bedroom


A Ladybug BedroomA Ladybug Bedroom

When I ask my little young’un to tell me her favorite thing in the room, she said, “The ladybugs.  But we should have some bees too.”

A girl with a vision.  I love it.

I guess we’ll tie that in with accessories and art.

Stay tuned for A Ladybug Bedroom – Accessorizing Edition.


  1. So cute! My youngest loved ladybugs as a little girl (she is now 17, and still does, but not as much, LOL)…she is a Katie…so Katiebug, Ladybug…you get the picture.

    • Denise says:

      How sweet! I guess the love for ladybugs is not outgrown. Maybe I should have splurged on those $$$ drawer knobs after all! Thank you for the kind comment.

  2. Robert says:

    Truly AWESOME!!! Love the pic of you in the mask!

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