Home Tour – A Guest Suite Spa Retreat – On The Cheap

Hello Again!

I’m so happy to be back in my purple bloggin’ chair with my gray strip pillow on my lap and my fingers on a backlit keyboard.

Last week my family and I hosted a vacation for my brother and his family.

We spent the week being tourist in our own backyard exploring the San Francisco Bay Area. I looked exactly like a tourist with my camera and traveling sneakers. The dead giveaway that I was a local is I had on a turtle neck in July.

More on that later!

Today I want to show you how I setup a guest suite spa retreat.  On the cheap.

We don’t have a lot of overnight guest in these parts, so this was a big deal for us.  Since we don’t have a lot of overnight guests, I didn’t want to break the bank on setting up the suite.

My brother and his wife are parents to two busy little girls the same age as my own girls so I knew that giving them a place to escape after the little young’uns hit the sack would be much appreciated.

At the end of my day all I want to do is put my brain on cruise control and take a breath without serving a snack or rescuing a screamin’ young’un from a climbing accident!

Little girls can wear you out quick, you know!

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

Color Palette

During the building phase of our new home, I knew I wanted the guest suite to have a spa feel.  I chose this tile for the bathroom.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

Here’s how it looks installed.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

It was important to me that the bathroom colors coordinated with the guest bedroom.

Window Treatments

This drapery seemed like the perfect compliment.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

Draperies on all the windows felt overwhelming, so I mixed it up with some wood plantation style shutters.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

I also frosted the bathroom window in the shower using Gila Frosted White Privacy Film.

You’ll have to take my word for it that the window is frosted.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

A great solution for shower windows!

Unless you have some say on the windows going in your shower, then go for the already-frosted window.

Just sayin’.

Bedding, Linens, Lamps, and Rugs

The bedding and linens for this room have been accumulated over time.  I love the bed-in-a-bag concept, but I have realized that mixing up coordinating pieces from different collections makes things more interesting.

In this room, I paired the comforter and a few of the pillows from one set with shams from a totally different collection.  The purple decorative pillow is from a 3rd collection.  I look for something that unites the pieces.  For this room, all the pieces have grays, purples, and whites with complimenting florals and swirly patterns.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

Different but similar style lamps with matching barrel shades give just the right modern feel that I was going for in this space without being too matchy-matchy.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

I even found a rug in a complimenting gray.

I guess I’ve been a fan of this purple gray combo forever.

I’ve had these two throws for 10,000 years.  They were just the right shade of purpley-gray.

I used one to cover up a tear in the fabric on the chair I found at a thrift store.  The other throw helped break up the big white area of comforter and tie in the purples and grays on the pillows and the comforter.

On a side note, I’m thinking this chair will be my first adventure into upholstering.

I can hardly wait!


I heart art.

You hear me?

I love art the way a pig loves sunshine.

I love art the way kids love candy.

I love art the way a dog loves a bone.

I love art the way a mother loves a massage.

I love art the way a….well…you get the idea.

I told myself that whatever I put in this room is gonna be cannibalized after cuz guess what!  I have the exact same color palette in the master suite.

That’s right, bay-bee.

I surround myself daily with the same purples and grays.

When I saw this art for a steal at HomeGoods, I promised myself it would be going to my room as soon as my brother’s plane left the tarmac.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

But here’s the dealio.

Now that this room is put together, I don’t wanna change a single thing.  So I guess I’ll keep looking and leave this where it is.

I’ll just have to visit this room daily to admire it.

Maybe that’ll be my new hiding place when I’m ready to pop a blood vessel. having a long day.

The two wall finials break up the barren land of sheetrock and add a little interest.

Many thanks to all the friends it took to help me figure out how to turn the alarm off on the clock.  I guess I touched the wrong button when I moved the clock to the room, and it caused quite a commotion every 12 hours until my helpful friends huddled in a circle and found just the right knob to push.

I had this metal art lying around the house without a home ever since we moved from the last house.

I love that it has the same swirly feel to compliment the bedding.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

The Spa Bathroom

My inspiration for this guest suite spa retreat started with the tile for the bathroom.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

I found this complimenting art piece for a steal at HomeGoods.  It’s printed on hardboard, so a perfect piece for moist locations like next to the shower!

And a spa is not complete without an orchid.

And toilet paper decorated with a ribbon.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

I love to have 5 million towels when I’m on vacation.

Not that I use them all, it’s just comforting to know they are there.

I loaded up this bathroom with towels in a complimenting seafoam.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

The Before And During

Here’s what the room was like on the day I looked up and realized I hadn’t taken any “before” pictures.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap


A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

What. A. Mess.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

Much better.

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

A Guest Suite Spa Retreat On The Cheap

Where I Found The Stuff

Tile. Arizona Tile, Skylights II Spa Mélange.  Click here for the link.

Window Treatments. Draperies and shutters were custom made by a company that I am sad to say I can not recommend.

But the fabric can be found at Joann’s for $14.99/yard.

The Gila Window Film came from Lowe’s.  Save yourself some headaches and get the application spray that is sold separately.  Click here for the link.  ~$20/roll.  One roll covers about 3 medium-size windows.  The application spray was ~$10.

Bedding, Linens, Lamps, And Rugs. The comforter was a HomeGoods find. $80.  I already had the sheets, throws, the coordinating shams, and decorative pillow.  The rugs and lamps were Target specials.  (2) rugs 4′x8′ $50/each.  The lamps were ~$120

Art. Framed art prints were HomeGoods finds. $40 for the large art in the bedroom.  $12 for the art in the bathroom.  The finials were $12 each.  I already had the accessories used on the finials.  I also already had the metal art above the bed, but if you’re looking to recreate the look, try Pier 1.  That’s where I got these pieces a few years ago.

The towels were another HomeGoods find.  (3) six-piece sets $20 each.

The Cost

Window Film: $20 + $10 (still have a lot left over!)

fabric: $14.99/yard

Rugs: $100

Lamps: $120

Comforter and Shams set: $80

Art + Finials: $76

Towels: $60

Orchid: $15 at Lowe’s

Come back tomorrow for Top Shot Tuesday.

I have a shot I can’t wait to share!


  1. LOVE the bathroom tiles…so pretty and tranquil! :)

  2. Jan says:

    i hope Pier one still has that swirly thing, cuz I want one…!

  3. Dee says:

    You have inspired me to get my bedroom done! I can do more than what we currently have. It is so pitiful.Why do we leave our bedrooms for last? Thanks new follower.

    • Denise says:

      Dee, are you ready for this? This room is the guest room! My bedroom is still not “done”. You’re so right…it’ll probably be…last!

      Welcome to my “following family”!

  4. I think I saw a tutorial on making a piece like the swirly metal art piece with (seriously) toilet paper rolls! Awesome job with the room–gorgeous!

  5. Great job!! I absolutely LOVE the colors and the spa like feel! I’m sure your brother & his wife felt like they were on vacation! Nicely done! :) xo, Reannah

  6. Mika (Photoadik) says:

    I love your color combination! I must say I love your bedroom design! We are currently renovating our bath and it’s almost the same colors like yours—so neutral but looks elegant!


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