Jellies At Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey California is no doubt one of my favorite places on Earth.

You can read more about Our Monterey Bay Aquarium Adventure by clicking here.

Today I am sharing my top shot from our visit to the Aquarium.

There’s just something about Jellyfish.

So mysterious.

So calm and peaceful to see yet so dangerous to touch.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Jellyfish

If you’re ever in the area, consider checking out Monterey Bay Aquarium.  It’s not just for kids!


ISO 1600

Focal Length 28mm

Aperture f/3.5

Shutter Speed 1/50

No Flash



Big Basin Redwoods State Park

The one thing my sister-in-law really wanted to do while she was visiting from Georgia was see a redwood tree.

If we still lived at our old house, she could sit and stare at a few 50-year-old ones all day and all night.  My neighbor might even let her camp under them.

Since we don’t live there anymore, Big Basin Redwoods State Park had to do.

The Hub found this place, and I have to say, he really knows how to pick ’em!

We packed a picnic and headed for the hills.  The Santa Cruz Mountains, that is!

It’s a little bit of a trek on a curvy road that goes on for miles, but well worth the drive.  And an easy day trip from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Redwoods At Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Redwoods At Big Basin Redwoods State Park

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Our Monterey Bay Aquarium Adventure

I am still reminiscing about our vacation.

Monterey is one of my favorite places on Earth.

I love the scuba diving.

I love the fresh air.

I love the mild summer days.

And I love the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

We saw a kelp forest.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - A Kelp Forest

We saw Silver Dollars.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Silver Dollars

We saw Anemones.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Anemones

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A 5-Day Art Project For Kids

Monday I showed you how I made a A Guest Suite Spa Retreat – On The Cheap.

On Top Shot Tuesday, I shared one of my favorite shots of The 40-Foot Tall Dancing Lady at Treasure Island in San Francisco.

The guest suite was fun to put together.

Seeing the 40-foot tall statue took my breath away.

But the most memorable moments of our vacation is the time I spent with two 5-year-olds and two 3-year-olds making beautiful masterpieces on canvas.

Picasso, eat your heart out.

Art For Kids - Painting

I love watching little hands hold a paint brush, dabbing the tip in a bowl of paint then squishing it down flat onto canvas.

Art For Kids - Painting

Gears are turning and fingers are moving as one to make circles, squares, lines, dots, squiggleys and splatters.

Art For Kids - Painting

While planning the one-week vacation, I came up with this idea to have a paint project that we would work on a little each day until the final day, when we would complete our paintings, and everyone would have something special to remember our time together.

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Canyon Skyline

Shot with my iPhone.

Daddy And Me

Daddy And Me

Daddy And Me.

Canon, 70mm, ISO 100, f/5.6

Little Einsteins Birthday Cake

Today I’m gonna show you this cake I made a while back.

But before we look at the cake, there’s something we need to talk about.

The life of a blogger is different from normal living.

In normal life, when a glass of water spills, we grab a towel to clean it up.

A blogger sees this as a posting opportunity and reaches for the camera.

On this cake I spent a million hours figuring out this-and-that without picking up the camera.

Now I’m a blogger and I think like one.


All future cool cakes will be well documented for your tutorial pleasure.


The characters in front of the cake are the actual characters that sit inside the toy version of “Rocket”.

Little Einsteins Cake

For the bottom part of Rocket “the belly”, I baked a cake using a football pan to get the pointy-oval shape with just a little roundness underneath.

Little Einsteins Cake

The “cabin” and the “engines” are made from rice crispy treats.

There was a LOT of carving work on both the football cake and the rice crispy treats to get the shape I wanted.

The red body color of Rocket is regular icing, and the blue parts are made from fondant.

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Roaming With Dinosaurs – Birthday Party

My family and I had a great time at a birthday party recently.

Mom and Dad did a fantastic job putting together a dinosaur theme birthday party for their little girl turning 4-years-old.

The birthday girl is one of the sweetest little girls I have ever met and we enjoyed being there for her big day.  FOUR YEARS OLD is a big deal cuz FOUR is pretty old, you know!

Just ask a 4-year-old.

They’ll tell you!

Here’s a tour of our afternoon roaming with dinosaurs.

Every dinosaur hunter must first have a hat.

Dinosaur Hunting Hat

And every dinosaur hunter needs binoculars.

Decorate Your BinocularsNow we’re ready!

Dinosaur Hunting BinocularsOur first sighting!

A Green DinosaurWhoa, get. a. room!

Dinosaurs CensoredLet’s go outside, young’uns!

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