Summer Nights – Blackhawk Style

Today was a normal day. Went to the market for dinner ingredients. Couldn’t find curry leaves for my recipe. I became delusional and figured we could go back out for them after the young’uns had naps.

I’ll skip to the punchline.  That didn’t happen.

But it was definitely a night to remember.

Do you ever wonder what times in your life will be at the forefront of your memory when many years have passed and the day-to-day routines blend and fade?

Tonight was one of those nights.  A night that started like a lot of the others. We’re headed to a restaurant for dinner because my original dinner plans were sabotaged didn’t work out.

But little did I know a magical evening was in store.

You know the kind.

When nothing goes according to plan and then you realize that the spontaneous activity was way better than anything that could have ever been planned.

The weather was near perfect.

I’m not asking for sympathy here, people, but to put it in context, this is what we were dealing with just 2 weeks ago.

Girl In Gown In The Rain

In California, this is not supposed to happen in JUNE.

Yes, that is my young’un walking in the pouring rain in her nightgown.

It was 55 degrees.

In June.

Did I mention it was June?

At least one of my young’uns accepted the offer for an umbrella.


What do you do on a rainy day or sunny day or hot day or cold day or?…

You bake Hubby Cake with Daddy, of course.

And lick the bowl afterwards.

Of course.

Rain Drops Are Falling On My Head

Back to our magical evening.

We had been on this long spell of nasty weather in June and May and April and March and….well. you get the idea.

Even though my girls find the fun in every situation.

Jumpin' Puddles

We were past ready for some of this.

Hoppin' Skippin' & Twirlin'

What made the whole night so magical you ask?

Nothing and everything.

Watching the ducks watch us.

Ducks People-Watching

Seeing another’s imagination take flight.

Flyin' High

And come in for a landing.


Watching opposites attract.

Black & White

Purple & Purple

But mostly just stopping to notice.

Paying attention.

Sadly, this fun is coming to an end.


But I am looking forward to the adventures we will find when we open a book at bedtime.

Adventures In Reading

A memorable summer night indeed.

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