Not So Stuffed Mushrooms – Vegan Style

A while back I saw a recipe for Stuffed Mushrooms in a Vegan cookbook.  Yesterday I found myself at the market, without a clue on what to cook for dinner.  I saw Stuffer Mushrooms, and decided I would wing it without a recipe or an ingredient list.

This is way out of my comfort zone.  I usually consult books, the internet, and even read all reviews of recipes before I commit to making something.  And sometimes it is still a huge disappointment!

At the supermarket, I started thinking about ingredients for Stuffed Bell Peppers, and thought that reversing the ingredients might be a safe bet.  When I realized I could serve with Panko Crumbs, I was sold (yes, I am still lovin’ Panko Crumbs!).

Beyond that, I didn’t have a plan.  To make things more interesting, we were having company over for dinner!  I’ve had enough dish flops in my day to know that this is a bad combo.

There’s been LOTS of times I’ve tossed food in the trash and we went out to eat :-( but I sure didn’t want to do that with our guests!

Here’s the dish on my Not So Stuffed Mushrooms.

Not So Stuffed Mushrooms - Vegan Style

How long it takes

About 1 hour.

Here’s the breakdown:

5-10 minutes to prep/chop veggies

20-30 minutes to sauté veggies

20 minutes to bake Stuffed Mushrooms

2 minutes to sprinkle Panko Crumbs on top

20 SECONDS to brown Panko Crumbs


(2) Green Bell Peppers

(2) Yellow or White Onion

(2) 14-ounce containers of Stuffer Mushrooms

(1) Can Aduki Beans – Only using 1/2 the can (The same beans used in the Chinese desert “Red Bean”)

Basil, Parsley, Italian Herbs, Garlic (packaged herbs for this one)

Salt & Pepper

Panko Crumbs

Dried Italian Seasoning

Garlic Powder


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Convection or 375 degrees Non-Convection

How I Slice An Onion:

I start with the sharpest (and most comfortable) knife I can find.

My onion of choice is yellow.

A Yellow Onion & A Bell Pepper

For every layer of an onion, there’s another way to chop it.  And I’ve tried them all.

Cut the top and bottom off.  Set the onion on one of the flat sides and cut down the middle.

Cut Top And Bottom

Lay the onion down on it’s largest flat side and slice like this.

Slice Onion "With The Grain"

My experience has been that onions sauté differently based on two things: how fresh the onion is and how it is chopped.  The fewer cuts across the “grain” makes the onion less mushy.  I only dice onions when it makes sense for that dish, like stuffed mushrooms or spaghetti.

Diced Onion

I used Stuffer Mushrooms for this dish.

Stuffer Mushrooms

To remove the stems from the mushrooms.  I grab them by the bottom, and firmly twist like opening a bottled drink.  The stem comes right out without breaking the sides of the mushroom.  Set the stems aside, they will be used for the stuffing.

Mushroom Stems

Scoop out the dark brown part of the mushroom with a small spoon.

Scoop Out The Brown Part Inside

I just love the ones that try to be different.

Mushroom With Personality

Drain and rinse the Aduki Beans.

Aduki Beans

My arsenal of flavor.

Arsenal Of Flavor

Add enough olive oil to almost completely cover the bottom of the pan.

This is a great time to try out my “hear the sizzle” method for having perfectly heated oil.

A post where I explained that method is here.

Hear The Sizzle

Sauté Onions Bell Peppers And Mushroom Stems

Sauté for about 25 minutes on medium-low heat, stirring regularly.

Sauté To Perfection

Put the sauté goodness in the food processor, add about 1/2 the Aduki Beans.

Give a little squirt (to taste) of each of the four herbs.

Sauté Veggies And 1/2 Cup Aduki Beans

We’re going for a purée texture.

1 Minute Later

Rub a thin layer of olive oil onto a pan.  Put the mushrooms in the pan.

Use a pan with a lip.  These mushrooms left a little juice in the bottom of the pan.  A cookie sheet would have left a mess in the oven.

I like to double up the pan to make them more insulated on the bottom.  This keeps the bottom of the mushrooms from over cooking.

Double-Pan For Extra Insulation

*I forgot to take this picture before putting the mushrooms in the oven.  I layered the pan at the start.

Spoon the purée mixture into the mushrooms.

I only used one onion and one bell pepper.  On the ingredient list above, I recommended TWO onions and TWO bell peppers.

I ran low on stuffing for the mushrooms.  I would have preferred them to be truly stuffed, with the stuffing heaping over the top.  Next time.

Does anyone else ever wonder which rack to use in the oven?

I was flipping through the owner’s manual for the oven.  The manufacturer numbers the racks, and makes recommendations on rack placement based on the dish.  Racks are numbered 1-5.  One being at the BOTTOM.  The top rack would be #5.  I like this system way better than “place in the middle of the oven”.

I (convection) baked these mushrooms on #3.

Pop into the oven for 20 minutes.

Time For Panko Crumbs

While the mushrooms are baking, mix 1 Cup of Panko Crumbs, Kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, Italian Seasoning to taste.  I usually do about 1 teaspoon of salt and pepper and 1 Tablespoon of Italian Seasoning.  Taste it.  This is a good time to add more if there’s something missing.

If I didn’t have little kids, I would also put in some Cayenne Pepper and Crushed Red Pepper.  I like it HOT.  Since no one else in my family likes the heat, I add this on at the table.

Sprinkle the Panko Crumbs on top.  No exact measurements here, I put as much as the mushrooms will hold.

Switch the oven to Broil.  Place the mushrooms on the top rack.  This is a good time to stand by and watch the browning.  They brown *very* quick.

Not So Stuffed Mushrooms - Vegan Style

Not So Stuffed Mushrooms - Vegan Style

I served with the leftover Aduki Beans, Corn and Steamed White Rice.  Next time I will probably serve this dish with Roasted Root Veggies.

The meat-eaters also had Sirloin Steak.

Serves 3-5 Vegetarians, more if being used as a side dish only.

This dish turned out pretty good.  I’ll definitely make it again.

What are you cooking up for dinner?


  1. Leaf Boy says:

    Good job! I love that stuffed mushroom pic!

  2. Oh yum! That looks good. I just wish my family would eat mushrooms! I also like how you broke down the timing. I really should do that on my posts, but I always start timing and then totally forget about it.

    • Denise says:

      Thanks, E. Maybe you’ll get a chance to try these out with your guests.

      I always appreciate knowing how long something takes to make. I usually go through a recipe and calculate the steps to figure it out.

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